Pakistan’s Hajj qouta increased to 200,000 by Saudia Arabia

Good news for Pakistanis : Hajj qouta increased this year for pilgrims to 200,000

Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Ministry of Religious Affairs had requested Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to raise the Hajj quota during his two-day official visit to Islamabad.

Saudi Arabia increased the Hajj quota for Pakistan from 184,210 to 200,000 in February this year.


The additional quota has been divided between the government and private Hajj operators— 9,474 people will perform Hajj under government scheme and 6,316 under the private scheme.

Meanwhile, the Saudi authorities have also allowed Pakistani pilgrims to complete their immigration in Pakistan and not in the kingdom after making the country part of their “Road to Makkah” project.

Consider yourself lucky In Shaa Allah if you get to go this blessed place this time!