PITH- A hidden treasure!

The deep, earthy aroma of wood fills the atmosphere, immediately bringing about a sense of calmness.

The word ‘pith’ refers to the fundamental core of something, its focal essence. The name automatically causes the preconceived notion that the furniture found there would be traditional and of a relatively mature design. The mind is left completely defenseless to the rush of quirky, unconventional twist found there.

Tucked away in a little corner of Bukhari amongst a mass of greenery is PITH, as true a hidden gem as they come.

Judging purely from the outside, one would think it was just another contemporary home décor store full of monotonous greys and edgy reds. The logo design also ensures our train of thought head in that particular direction. It couldn’t be further from reality though…

Stepping up to the front porch, a bell needs to be rung in order to allow entrance which only adds to the secrecy of the place, as if it were only meant for the truly lucky ones.

Warm. Cozy. Snug. These are the words that envelop one’s mind upon setting foot indoors. The deep, earthy aroma of wood fills the atmosphere, immediately bringing about a sense of calmness. Everywhere you look, there’s a quirky little piece that makes you want to rush to it for closer inspection. From cushions with humorous signs printed on them to decorative accents and massive mirrors, this is a place where the most absurd of things come together in a spectacular, not to mention thoroughly impressive, manner. Be it a gift for a loved one or a statement piece for the living room, PITH is the go-to stop for all your interior needs.

Sajid Dadabhoy, creative director and owner at PITH, is a man of numerous talents; a fact that is quite evident in the remarkable product range available in his store. He was generous enough to sit down with us for a while and answer the many questions we had about this amazing place.

When asked about the origin of the store, Dadabhoy told us how he had been looking around and experimenting with different ideas for the interior of the new house he was building. He mentioned coming across a certain kind of furniture that he greatly enjoyed while traveling abroad. It was all a rather evolutionary process for him and seeded the idea for the initiation of PITH.

“PITH started off as a venture in which I imported some furniture, purely out of interest. I saw a certain kind of furniture and shared it with the architects here. They told us this kind of furniture wasn’t available here and it would be interesting to see how these products would fare in this market”, says Dadabhoy.

He elaborated on wanting to create a solid opportunity for people with interesting home décor products but no means of showcasing them. PITH provides these people with a platform to market their products, a sort of multi-brand furniture shop.


The location was also chosen quite critically since Bukhari is on the rise in terms of popularity with increased number of brands, like Interwood and Master Celeste, making it their home grounds.

Initially focusing on house projects, Dadabhoy decided to expand on to outdoor furniture, making some locally while other products were imported. He particularly mentioned liking wall placements and tables.

Upon much deliberation, Dadabhoy decided the best course of action would be to create pieces from scratch since no brands carried the kind of products which would depict the entire picture that he has envisioned.


Our next question for him was regarding the expansive variety of products found and why he chose to go in that direction rather than specializing in a particular area to which he answered, “We’ve been known to be eclectic in our range of product. Sometimes, I feel a certain niche in certain areas. In clothing I saw a niche as the pieces of clothing present here rarely make Pakistan stand out and depict patriotism. It’s not like we’ll produce the products in bulk, we produced a certain amount and saw how it worked out and the response levels. New products, new opportunities new possibilities of partnerships excite us to expand our product range.” He did, however, mention that trays and coasters were among the top-selling items and quite a favorite with the buyers.

There are even certain products based on specific techniques adopted by renowned families. The magnificence of Swati furniture is a true highlight at PITH.

Despite refusing to pick a particular favorite, Dadabhoy did mention steel and wood work being particular dear to him.

He further emphasized on his priority being exploration rather than earning profits.

When asked about PITH’s main competitors, Dadabhoy mentioned being in constant rivals, albeit very friendly, with Khaadi, Habitt etc. “Products at PITH are more exclusive that what many other brands have to offer, which justifies the price point,” he continued, “our statement pieces are rather distinctive from the rest of our competitors.”

The main motive behind PITH is to be unique and provide good-quality stuff that lacks in our market currently. “Sometimes you just cannot be cheap, a product has its own cost, which justifies the price but we still make sure nothing is exorbitant or outrageously expensive,” says Dadabhoy. Truly ideal for its target audience; Upper class and Upper middle class, PITH does host the occasional sale to invite the masses into their store. Even foreigners present in Pakistan are entranced by PITH and several embassies have reached out to exhibit their collection. There is also active participation in

British Bazar, French Bazar and even SAARC.

When asked about future ventures and upcoming projects, Dadaboy hinted at wanting to expand onto fully furnishing homes. PITH has stuck to accent pieces until now but there are talks of engaging certain designers and working to evolve and improve the product range while staying true to their core values.

The store’s next concentration is to increase their social media presence. Despite being present on Instagram and Facebook, currently, most of their sales are done in-store; a matter that Dadabhoy wishes to alter.

He also expressed wanting to expand onto other cities, specifically Lahore, probably through partner vendors. “It’s all in the works,” claims Dadabhoy.

Quite often, we wish to have “something different” in our living spaces without being able to pinpoint exactly what it is we desire. In moments like this, PITH is indeed the ultimate store to reach out to. With olden-age products having an industrial and bold side, it offers such a complex variety of pieces, displayed so openly, that falling in love with this place is a guarantee.

“We are hip, affordable and want to provide quality products to our consumers.”