Plagiarism Check: Churails’ Opening Sequence is Allegedly Copied!

Churails' opening sequence is allegedly a case of plagiarism, as Rokhan Studio's work is eerily similar to the work done by Malika Favre.

Churails has been one of the most talked about topic since the show’s release. Whether all the talk is positive or not is another story; many think of the show as a much needed catharsis while others think of it as vulgarity. However, now Churails is being talked about due to an alleged plagiarism in its opening sequence – copying artwork from a French artist named Malika Favre to be exact.

Churails Opening Sequence Plagiarism Malika Favre Rokhan Studio Glasshouse Production

A Twitter user named Amna Tariq tweeted both the illustration from Churails opening sequence and the illustration that is created by French artist Malika Favre, and I have to admit that to me it looks like a case of plagiarism too.

The opening sequence was designed was Rokhan Studio, who have not released a statement about the controversy yet. The production house, Glasshouse Production, however released a statement saying that they are looking into the matter.

As Malika Favre was tagged into the tweet, it was also brought to her attention. She also tweeted saying that she will be looking into the matter.


What do you think? Is the opening sequence for Churail, designed by Rokhan Studio, a case of plagiarism or not? If it is, what do you think Malika Favre should do next? Let us know in the comments!


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