Plastic Bans And a New Initiative

Slowly and gradually Pakistan is moving towards banning plastic and here is a great idea which is a win win for all.

Being the 128th country from all around the world, Pakistan at last comes under the countries who have banned plastic. If we look at how plastic is affecting the environment we might feel shameful, ourselves, for using such a material. We, as individuals, are primarily responsible for the effects of plastic us as we are the ones who litter the society actually. From throwing trash on beach to throwing wrappers on the road, we actually destroyed our country.

This littering causes sewage blockade, water pollution and harms the society in every possible way. Now Pakistan has started to impose bans in different provinces, starting from Punjab basically. Fine of rupees 2 million has been imposed, if found using plastic bags. Plastic might also be banned in Southern Sindh by the end of September or October, probably. On the other hand they have thought to introduce cloth bags for use.

This has made a great impact on the producers of plastic bags all across the country. Obviously, people producing plastic bags are left with no money at all, which leaves them jobless at the end. This is one aspect of the ban. Another aspect is that an offer came up a few days ago. Begging was made illegal and beggars were being arrested from all around the country. The capital administration has put forward an idea making cloth bag easier to sell and a beggar’s life easier to live. According to them, all the beggars will be given cloth bags which they will be selling, a win-win situation for all. This would help them earn and the government to sell cloth bag which would end as much plastic as possible.

This is a law that should be passed all around the country. This would help us become a eco-friendly country slowly and gradually. If fined for the use of plastic, that fine can be used for cleaning our country up as well as for making cloth bags.