Police crackdown on protestors as Azadi March carries on

At least five people were killed in the protests.

Azadi March protestors had to endure brutality at the hands of police forces who tried to break down anti government protests.

At least five protestors lost their lives while eight members of the police forces were injured in the clashes. Police forces contend that they tried to disperse the protestors in a “peaceful” manner.

However, according to the leader of PTI himself, Imran Khan, that was not the case. He said that one of the protestors fell of the bridge while trying to escape the tear gas shelling by the police forces.

Azadi March
Police forces use tear gas to disperse protestors. (Source: Khaleej Times)

He went on to claim that the police brutality against the Azadi March protestors was supported by the current government.

Imran Khan believes that there should be justice for those who had lost their lives. He further went on to say that protesting is one of the basic rights of Pakistanis and should not be suppressed by the current government.

His party, PTI, took to Twitter to call out the bravery of the protestors for coming out in support despite the adversity they faced.

Many within the current government condemned the protests. Here is a tweet by the current Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

In the tweet, he announced the deployment of the armed forces to contain the protestors.

Imran Khan contends that they will not be intimidated by the tactics of the current government. He claims that the protests will continue until the government announces new elections in the next 6 days.

Khan urged many of his supporters from across Pakistan to join him in the protests. He believes that taking part in the protests is a sign of people standing up for their “independence” and “freedom”.

Protests are expected to continue even today with a large crowd expected to join in the march.

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