Qandeel Baloch Case: Request to Pardon Rejected

Qandeel Baloch was murdered in the name of honour by her own brother, Waseem. The parents of Qandeel had request to pardon their sons which got rejected.

Parents of Qandeel Baloch had requested the court to end the case as they have pardoned the killer. The killer was in fact their own son and Qandeel’s brother. She was at her own home when she was strangled to death. Her brother killed her because they thought that she was bringing dishonour to the Baloch family. She was murdered in the name of honour in the year 2016.

The court has rejected their request to pardon their sons from the case. The argument from their side was that the Anti-Honour Killing Law was passed after the murder hence, it doesn’t apply. The law bars pardoning the killers in such cases. They had also denied the allegation that Baloch was killed for the sake of honour. However, The had earlier confessed to killing her in the name of honour.

Qandeel Baloch was a sensational star on social media. A woman praised by many hypocrites who watched her videos in private and condemned her publicly. Baloch’s parents informed District and Sessions Judge Imran Shafi that they had forgiven their sons “in the name of Allah“. The judge said that he would decide after examining the laws and rejected their request later on.

Although they had only pardoned their own sons and not all the accused people involved in the case, it was still rejected. The accused, including Mufti Abdul Qavi, were present in the hearing which took place today i.e Friday. The court has adjourned the hearing till August 24th, when the statements of more witnesses will be recorded.

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