Quickest Classic Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Yes, it is possible to make the classic chicken pot pie at home in just 20 minutes with minimal ingredients. Here is a recipe for the beloved classic dish.

The substantial blend of chicken and veggies in this Classic Chicken Pot Pie has a flaky, buttery crust, and a rich sauce, and will please everyone in your family. Additionally, this homemade chicken pot pie is really simple to prepare, making it a fantastic meal for busy people and novice cooks equally.

Ingredients needed for the Classic Chicken Pot Pie

1. 1 freshly thawed sheet of frozen puff pastry

2. Extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon

3. 600g chicken thigh fillets, coarsely cut, with fat, removed

4. Can of cream of mushroom soup, 420g

5. Bulla Cooking Cream, 125ml (1/2 cup).

6. Frozen carrots, peas, and corn, 150g (1 cup)

7. Dried tarragon leaves, 1 teaspoon

8. fresh continental parsley, roughly 1/3 cup, plus additional for serving

Steps To Make The Classic Chicken Pot Pie

Set the oven’s temperature to 220 /200 fan force.

Grease a baking sheet with oil sparingly.

To create a rough circle, shave the pastry’s corners. Into 8 wedges, cut. Bake for 12 minutes, or until golden, on the baking sheet you’ve prepared.

In the meantime, preheat the oil in a round flameproof baking dish or frying pan with a top measurement of 25 cm.

Cook the chicken on high heat for 8–10 minutes, flipping halfway through, or until brown. Add the tarragon, soup, cream, and frozen veggies. 5 minutes should be sufficient for the sauce to thicken.

Add the parsley and stir.

Place the pastry on top of the chicken mixture and top with additional parsley.

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