Ramzan Aaya Rozah Rakho Jee!

Ramzan agaye hen aur susti apnay urooj par hai. What's making our Ramazans so tiring?

We, Pakistanis are literally lethargic. Susti ka hamari alag he aalam hai. From staying up all night to fun with friends, Ramzan ki raaten to bohat he mazaidar hotey hen.



Magar rozay bohat he sakht hotay hen, magar unka ajar bhe acha he hota hai. But why are we actually so down and low during fasts?






It’s because of how much we stay up at nights and then we go for office & classes after just a three – four hours sleep. 











This makes us fatigued out making us feel sleepy and low. It is important we take good naps, and eat healthy in this holy month of Ramadan so that we can happily and easily carry out the whole of the month.