Ramzan Sugar Mills Case: Hamza And Shahbaz Sharif in Court

Out of the pan, into the fire, this is Sharif family’s luck at the moment. From the time Nawaz Sharif has went to jail, things are getting worse for the family, or should I say, justice is being served.

Shahbaz Sharif and his son, Hamza Shahbaz were called up by the NAB court, on Monday, over their involvement in the Ramzan Sugar Mills case. The case is being overlooked by Judge Najam-ul-Hasan, whereas, prosecuter Waris Ali Janjua is representing NAB, concerning accusation on the two.

NAB, has told the court that Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Shairf, had released funds of Rs. 200 million for the nullah, however, both the father and the son pleaded not guilty, and told they were framed in all of this case. Shahbaz Sharif, had this to say “God knows, in 10 years, I have saved (the country) billions of rupees. I had nothing to do with this nullah, no money was wrongfully used”.

Recently, NAB was quite unsuccessful in arresting Hamza Shahbaz from his very own residence, because of the protestors and alongside that Lahore High Court had also reserved NAB from arresting him, giving pre-arrest bail till 17th April.