Runway Dubai Recently Met Emilia Dobreva!

EMILIA DOBREVA – proud winner & title holder of…

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    • Miss Kosovo
    • Miss Model of The World 2016 
    • Miss Union 2016
    • Miss Inter Universe 2017
    • Look of The Year 2016

And this is what our tête-à-tête came about as…

1- How amazing was it to win all these prestigious titles back to back at such a young age Emilia?
It was sheer hard work and some good luck too that won me this title. I am so glad to hear people endearingly call me ‘Kosovo’ here in Dubai as I so love my land


 2 What year did you become Miss Kosovo?
The very first time I represented Kosovo in 2015 at an international beauty pageant.
3-Tell us any three specialties of your native land Kosovo.
Kosovo is the youngest country in the world.  It’s called the pearl of Europe and is made of intriguing history, culture and traditions. And I can bet how the most beautiful women live in Kosovo.
4-What’s Dubai to you? And since how long have you been here?
Dubai is love at first sight. I’m here since 2014 and now UAE is more like my second home. 

5-What’s your height by the way? Tell us one advantage and one disadvantage of being so tall.
I am just 180 cm. tall and can only see advantages to it. Being a model, it’s a prerequisite to be a minimum 175 cm. tall. Typical height for models to be able to participate at fashion weeks is 178-182 cm. And in personal life too, I don’t have to ask people to get me something from that last rack up the shelf.
6-What was your first car? And now?
I bought my first car when I was 17; a very economical silver crossover with manual gearbox. I still have it back home. In Dubai I am contemplating to buy a Mercedes G63
7-Are you endorsing any brands as their brand ambassador?
I have my brand of innerwear and swimming suits by the name of Dashuri – an Albanian word that means ‘love.’ The brand resonates the history of love, passion and feelings. I hope we will be showcasing our new collection in the UAE real soon.
8-Who’s the last person who texted you?
My father. I’m daddy’s princess. He is always in touch about me from afar and often visits me too. 
9-Have you ever taken up odd jobs as a student or a struggler? What was it like?
Ah, yes, it was a funny experience.. When I just started studying at the university, I taught Literature to the junior batches. I am happy that it lasted for only two weeks.
10-What nationality of men do you find the sexiest? And also the most well-mannered?
I think every nationality can boast of a decent number sexy gentlemen.
11-What’s your life motto?
Love will save the world!
12-Twitter or Instagram?
13-What was the last dream you remember?
All I recall is how good it felt.

14-What time do you go to bed?
I wake up very early around 6-7 am and always try go to sleep earlier at night too , but with my schedule, it usually comes up to midnight.
15-Are you in love with someone as we speak?
I don’t like to talk about my private life. Love remains alive in my soul.
16-Last song that was stuck in your head?
3 Daqat – Abu ft.Yousra


17-If you could bathe in any liquid besides water, what would it be?
I think it would be coffee or chocolate as I love ‘em both! My friends always joke that my body is 90% coffee.
18-What’s your favorite emoji?
Smiling cat 😸
19-The next holiday place on your list?
I dream about visiting La Riconde, the Cape York in Peninsula and the Kerguelen Archipelago. Don’t be afraid to dream. Dreams do come true.

Credits & Photography:
Mr. Salman Ahmed