Russia Sides With Iran on US’s Stance on Nuclear Deal

When on one hand Trump moved out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, there on the other hand US still wants to put an embargo on Iran's Weapon Trade.

Back in 2018, Donal Trump finished what Obama started in his regime. The Iran Nuclear Deal was a good gateway for the US and also for Iran. When at one time Iran could trade with other countries, there US was satisfied over the fact that Iran isn’t developing nuclear weapons. However, Trump thought Iran was making nuclear weapons regardless of anything. And he backed out of the Nuclear Deal. Well, it was a rigorous step from the US, and Iran was offended by it. Since then Iran has been work even more hard on enhancements of its weapons.

It is not to state, that Iran has always been backed by Russia. And when it comes to Iran, Russia takes most of the case for themselves in the UN General Assembly. As for now, the US had moved out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, leaving the rest of the P5 countries in the deal. The embargo on Iran was imposed in 2015 and is supposed to be lifted in October 2020. However, according to Pompeo, they might restore sanctions on Iran He said “the rights that accrue to participants in the UN Security Council resolution are fully available to all those participants”.


Russia’s UN Ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, replied to this saying “This is ridiculous. They are not members. They have no right to trigger.” He moreover added why he thinks the US shouldn’t trigger this. “Snapback will definitely be the end of the JCPOA […] The most intrusive inspections of a country by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) will cease,” he warned. “Is it in the US interests that it happens?”

Moreover, things actually might go, rogue, if the US puts on sanctions on Iran against Nuclear Deal. We hope all remains good and peaceful between the countries.

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