Salman Khan Puts Up A Condition For Jacqueline’s Casting In ‘Race 3’

Salman Khan has become quite choosy in his roles and co-stars since the day his movie Tubelight slashed badly on the box office. While that could have been a momentarily hiccup in his acting journey, but the star is no less conscious of his upcoming move, Race 3.

Even though Jacqueline had already confirmed that she would be appearing opposite Salman Khan in Race 3, but we think that her luck might have just run out. If  Deccan Chronicle is to be believed, Salman Khan is not willing to sacrifice his upcoming movie after the super failure of Tubelight. If that means letting Jacqueline go, he is ready for that too.

According to the news, Khan has put up the demand that Jacqueline would only star opposite him in the movie, if her upcoming film A Gentleman fares well in the box office. As per the source, which revealed the news:

“A lot is at stake in Salman’s forthcoming films. He can’t afford to slip up after Tubelight, not for his own sake as much as his audience and distributors. Jacqueline is most keen to be in Race 3. But Salman will exercise that option only if A Gentleman works at the box office.”

According to the reports, Salman Khan’s team is vigilantly keeping a check on box office figures. If Jacqueline’s film fails than her Race 2 co-star Deepika Padukone will replace her.