Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil facilities hit by drone strike

Drone strikes resulted in fires set ablaze in both facilities

Saudi Arabia’s largest oil facilities, owned by Aramco witnessed drone strikes at two of their facilities. The incident occurred during the early hours of Saturday in both Abqaiq and in Khurais.

Investigations are said to be underway, while the fires at the facilities are under control.

Yemen’s military rebel group Houthi have come forward to claim responsibility for this drone strike. It claims that 10 drones were deployed towards these facilities, which started the fire. This announcement was made through a televised segment of their own television channel.

The group also threatened that if the war in Yemen does not come to a halt, these attacks on the kingdom would only continue to increase.

Yemen and Saudi Arabia have been in a ‘proxy war’ since 2015. This has not only resulted in thousands of casualties but it is said that Yemen is at risk of facing a country-wide famine. And Saudi Arabia has been heavily criticized for this.



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