School Association to Open Schools in August

All Private School Association has told the Government that they would be opening schools by Mid of August 2020.

Since COVID-19 hit Pakistan, schools were the first to close down. Mostly because young kids are more prone to the virus than adults. Slowly and gradually, all educational institutions started shutting down. As to keep educating kids, all educational institutions moved towards virtual classes where it was difficult for students to study and for Teachers to teach. Moreover, Teachers also had to listen to some harsh words coming from parents of particualr students. Students became mentally frustrated as it was quite hard for them to adapt to the new change.

Hence, now, the All Private School Association has decided to open schools from 15th August 2020. Amid lockdown crisis, the APSA had to say that there is a noticable decrease in the number of cases. Hence they would not be following orders coming from the Government and will be opening the schools. “If the government tries to interfere in our matters, we will do a million march,” APSA Head, Hidayat Khan said.

He also said “The closure of schools by the government is a violation of Article 18 of the Constitution, which is resulting in loss for 50 million children. We have repeatedly asked the government to allow opening of schools while taking precautionary measures but there has been no action.”

Well, they aren’ t wrong here. However, it is still unsure of, how would Government Schools take this, and how would they fight COVID-19? It is yet to be pondored upon, but should be thought thoroughly and keenly upon.

Do you think this is a wise decision coming from APSA?

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