Sindh Imposes Section 144 Against Tree Logging

Sindh has taken measures to stop illegal tree cutting in Sanghar, and to curb it, has imposed Section 144 in the area.

Not only an Environmentalist, but every human knows the current state of our atmosphere. Global warming is on the rise and everything is on risk at the moment. From Bush Fires in Australia to bad air quality in Pakistan, all revolves around Global Warming. And to curb global warming, all countries need to reduce their greenhouse emissions. Moreover, to stabilize the emissions, trees need to be planted all across the globe. Pakistan, is actively taking part in plantation of trees, to fight the environmental crisis. Imran Khan planted a billion trees in his ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’ project in KPK. Moreover, PPP has decided to plant the world’s largest urban forest besides Malir and Lyari river.

Nevertheless, there are still people who have been involved in tree logging. In different cities of Pakistan, people cut down trees for different purposes which usually involves the use of wood. This deforestation is severely opposed by the environmentalists in Pakistan.

Sindh Government in Sanghar has imposed Sanction 144 for 60 days. Which means cutting trees would lie under criminal offence. The environmentalist were happy and sad at the same time over this. “The law does not permit anyone to cut trees from state-owned land,” Shahzaman Wassan, a member of the Environmental Friends Committee told, “There needs to be a permanent solution. What would happen after 60 days, when the ban ends?”

Well, that is quite true, There needs to be a permanent solution to end this illegal cutting. Its time to save trees and protect the environment. Not for our own selves, but for the coming generation.

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