Security Agencies & Their Role in Pakistan

What Pakistan lacks is proper security agencies in the country. If they do their job properly, things might change for the country on whole.

Since Pakistan came into existence, all we have seen is an extended role of the Military in the government. Regardless of the fact, that it was required or not, their say has always been prioritized more than that of the President or the Prime Minister, themselves. And that has been one of those things that has slowed the growth of Pakistan as a nation. As Pervez Hoodbhoy discussed in one of his articles on Dawn News, how important it is for security organizations to do their job only. And that is not the case with Pakistan. A similar concept, moreover, was discussed by Hillary Clinton in one of her interviews, where she described Pakistan as a Deep State.

It brings the whole country to one single point. Do your job, and let others do theirs. But what is more important is, that one should actually do their jobs. What if the security agencies, from Constable to the COAS, actually did their jobs? The corrupt Government Officials would have been in jail by now, people would have followed rules, and things would have been smoother than ever. If the Police Officers only did their jobs, Pakistan would have been in a much better shape. Here, power overrules the rules and regulations implemented in the country. If a Minister’s son was treated the same way as all of the other citizens, we would have surely grown.

Fear misses between people. People always know someone, who knows someone. And that is how injustice prevails, expectedly. Our security agencies need to work effectively in the very first place, and then, they need to do their jobs, only. Then only, Pakistan can become a better place to live. And would see some growth in the coming future.

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