Sephora Closes Stores for Diversity Training

Sephora closed its stores on 5th of June for diversity training as a part of their new campaign.

Sephora closed all of its stores, warehouses and offices in USA on Wednesday for about an hour in order to provide diversity training to their 16,000 employees who work there. This whole workshop is probably a result of one employee’s mistake which she made back in April.

A Sephora employee called security on an innocent shopper who happened to be a celebrity. The celebrity happened to be SZA, who is a platinum level recording star and she also appeared for promotion of Fenty by Rihanna.

The employee showed racist tendencies due to which she misjudged the singer and songwriter SZA and called security upon which SZA got upset as she had been a former employee of Sephora as well. She posted a complaint on twitter to Sephora telling them about the mistreatment that she had gone through and was a victim of racial profiling.

Weeks after SZA’s tweet, Sephora announced that they would be closing their stores for an hour on June 5th for ‘inclusivity’ workshops. Sephora did win hearts on social media for taking action and trying to rectify a mistake they made. They said they had already planned out this workshop as a part of their ‘We Belong to Something Beautiful’ campaign.