Shaan Shahid: PTI “Last Hope for Democracy in the Country”

"As a Pakistani, I feel that this (PTI government) is the last hope for democracy in the country," Shaan Shahid, in a recent interview.

In a recent interview with Arab News, actor Shaan Shahid addressed the current government’s role in the entertainment industry, recent PEMRA bans and the airing of foreign content. Despite his admiration for the premier, Imran Khan, the superstar has been vocal and resentful towards the airing of foreign content. He had a few reservations regarding the Ertugrul fiasco because airing foreign content, in his opinion, always cuts back on local productions.

In light of the recent bans placed by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on the content of privately owned channels and social media apps, Shaan stated, “These are private channels. You can’t control the content of private channels. They will make what they think is right.”

“But… you’ve got a channel that’s beyond satellite and that’s PTV,” the actor said.

“If PTV was producing what the Prime Minister thinks should be produced… I want to see that content. I don’t know who’s doing the programming in PTV, but whoever it needs to wake up and do his job.”

Shaan Shahid was also critical of PEMRA’s directives to Pakistani private channels’ drama serials being in line with the country’s religious and cultural values.

Referring to the concerns raised in Pakistan regarding immoral and vulgar content on the video-sharing application, TikTok and it’s ban in Pakistan, Shaan said, “Nobody can define what vulgarity is… but there should be a line that none should cross.”

While making it clear that he does not belong to any political party, Shaan stressed on giving Imran Khan and his government to do their job before passing judgements. “Give him (Imran Khan) enough time to prove himself. As a Pakistani, I feel that this (PTI government) is the last hope for democracy in the country.”

Earlier, the actor tweeted in support of Imran Khan as well when the pandemic was at its climax.

In light of airing foreign content, “Right now a lot of media is being used for various reasons… it’s not just entertainment anymore,” Shaan said. “There’s hybrid warfare going on and content has a huge part to play in it. So I feel it should be filtered in a way.”

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