Stalls To Check Out At Karachi Eat 2019!


The biggest food festival of the year has arrived and we are excited for everything it will bring! With over 100 food stalls, we have plenty of options to try over the course of 3 days. We narrowed down to the best of the best and here is a quick list of them:

Chronut by Hobnob

Combine crossants and doughnuts and you get delicious Chronuts!

Fried Chicken Poutine by No Lies Fries

Anything related to fries, Ineed to check out. And these fried chicken poutine dish makes me salivate.

Red Chilli Tacos by Sweet Greens

Craving something spicy? These tacos look like the best way to cater that craving. I just hope they are hard shells cause soft shells are kind of a turnoff for me.

Gelato Tacos by LALS

For those of you who do not prefer savory tacos, these gelato tacos from LALS are totally drool worthy.

Nitrogen Pans by Panwaari

These sound pretty intriguing, don’t they?

Puff Nest Burgers by Wrappetite

These burgers looks scrumptious; I’m definitely looking forward to trying these out.

Turkish Kabab by Tantuni

This looks different, which means it’s a must-try!

What’s on your list?