Still the 18th Century Railway Standards…

Shaikh Rasheed, was questioned by the Supreme Court over his workings in the Railway Department as the Minister of the Department. The answers, weren't much satisfying.

If we compare Pakistan to other countries, we see Pakistan quite left behind. Be it education, politics or transportation, we have not made an advancement in any of the particulars. However, the country has seen many incidents when it comes to their transportation sector. And mostly have been recorded in regards to the railway department. In the last year only, several railway incidents took place. Out of which, the October ’19 incident took the headlines by shock. 75 people had been killed in the incident, which took place because of a cylinder in the train, apparently. Prior to that, one train had crashed in to another because of the uncertain railway tracks. All this happened under the Ministry of Shaikh Rasheed.


Supreme Court of Pakistan summoned Shaikh Rasheed to question his ministry. Justice Ahmed questioned Shaikh Rasheed, if he will ever fire the upper ranked employees rather than firing the lower ranked ones. “We will also remove higher-level employees,” said Rashid in response. “We do not see this happening, you are the highest-ranking employee,” remarked the chief justice, adding: “Minister Sahib don’t show people dreams, today you are running an 18th century railway. There is plundering in the railways department.” “Even in 2020, your entire system is being run on parchis (favours),” the chief justice added.

It is quite true that the country is still running on old standards. The railway department has not been upgraded, which is a shame.Moreover, the tickets are getting expensive day by day. And the facilities are decreasing with time. The tracks aren’t changing, the trains aren’t upgrading. The station is the same as it was years ago. It is time, to bring in some change. So that the people of Pakistan are glad to atleast have one grateful minister.

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