Syed Mustafa Kamal Back In Action?

Mayor Wasim Akhter has gave the charge of 'Project Director Garbage' to Syed Mustufa Kamal, and now has been taken back! Are we satisfied?

This event took place yesterday night on 26th August 2019, all in two press conferences. There had been clash of words between Mayor Wasim Akhter and PSP chairman Mustufa Kamal lately. They had been arguing over the garbage disposal issue in Karachi. Yesterday Mayor Wasim Akhter ‘designated’ the position of Project Director Garbage to Mustafa Kamal.

I, being Mayor of Karachi, hereby design Syed Mustafa Kamal as Project Director Garbage on [a] voluntary basis with immediate effect until further order.

Soon after the apparent challenge, Syed Mustafa Kamal’s official page went live during a press conference stating the caption “challenge accepted”. Mustafa Kamal seemed quite lively during the press conference. He said that I will be working day and night regardless of anything. He made sure that all the workers have to be present day and night with him.

Mustufa Kamal was quite sure that he can clean up Karachi in 90 days. He also made sure that he would be responsible for all the 130 UC in the city. With no donations to clean the city, Mustafa Kamal said he will be using the resources available in the city already. According to him, he won’t even use government’s money to have a cup of tea.

Mustafa Kamal also talked about the apparent corruption. He said that he would question those accountable for the distribution of money. He told he needed to know because millions of rupees have been spent on fuel, salaries and lifting garbage because no result have been seen yet.

Mustafa Kamal made few things clear, that he is the boss for each and everyone, including Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. He said that everyone lies under him, whether it be MQM-P or any other party. He made it clear that all the corrupt should be removed from the party. Mustafa Kamal made sure that everyone should know how he thinks and considers Mayor Wasim Akhter as his boss and will be calling him at 2 am and updating him with everything.

As witty as he is, Mustafa Kamal has been given a duty. It is yet to see if he comes up to the mark. If he does as he promised yesterday, it will be a great change for the people of Karachi. And at the end, one thing is clearly evident. Those who couldn’t carry out the job, gave it to others to do.

Just in: Mustafa Kamal has been removed from the post by Mayor Wasim Akhter becuase of apparent misbehaving.