Taliban an Inspiration for the Indian Army?

What the Indian Forces are doing in Kashmir, is quite the same as what Taliban have been doing in Afghanistan.

The intentions might not be the same but the actions do speak a similar language. The Talibans are terrorists with a political agenda to take over Afghanistan at the moment. They were made for a political agenda, to drive USSR out of Afghanistan. Indian Armed Forces have a political agenda to take over Kashmir, completely, as soon as possible. Where on one hand, the Taliban stop girls from being educated due to ‘Islamic Reasons’, there Indian Army is doing the same. They are just doing the same thing to bring down the Muslim Literacy rate in Kashmir.

Taliban are savage and notorious, and so are the Indian Armed Forces. They both have been killing innocent people for quite a long time now. What the Taliban did in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in the US, that is what IAF is doing in Kashmir. Men are being murdered brutally & women are being raped. The elderly are being mistreated, boys are being kidnapped and later killed.


It seems like these are the two sides of the same coin. However, it has been quite easy for the UN to intervene in Afghanistan, but not India. The reason might be the presence of US Forces in Afghanistan. But, does that make Kashmiris any less of a human being? I doubt. They also deserve to have their lives back, their jobs back. They have the right to be part of the globalized world and they also have the right to be educated. Regardless of the fact that it is an Afghan Minority in Afghanistan or a Muslim in Kashmir, they are being barred from their basic right of living their own life.

Will Kashmiris get justice? Or will UN continue to let form a new generation of the same old Taliban?

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