1   Power Red

Powerful, punchy and impactful – I’ve always loved a lady in red just as much as a gentleman throwing in a red tie over formals and say red sporty shoes with his casuals. Apparently so do designers the likes of Fendi and Max Mara, making it the color of winter 2017. Wearing red imposes you mean business and are another level of confident!

2   Glitterati

For a smashing party-look or any happening night, just add that one solid element of glitterati to your attire. Think all-out glittery pants, boots, belts, bags! Yes guys, hear me out you too!

3  Cowboy Look

And it is not just for our studs to fancy but damsels too this season! The layered denim look, another throwback from the 70’s style, is back and back BIG! Pull out your old denim jacket and brush off the dust so you can layer a fashionable cowboy (and cowgirl) style. Be experimental! The louder, the better.

4    70’s Plaid

Let’s recall Devil Wears Prada ladies other than of course gathering plaid shawls this winter! And guys, pull out some majorly sleek blazers in the uber-cool plaid patterns and weaves.

5   Leisure Suits

Ahem, oh we’re endearingly referring your ever-so-comfy track suits as “leisure suits” here and rightfully so, as this season let’s not limit them to the monotonous neutral colored jogging gears. Let’s make ‘em fun and wear them all glittery, shiny-zipped, warm-colored and body hugging to add some oomph at your next house-party, shall we? Yes please.

6    Fishnets

Fishnets has been trendy in Europe every now & then and was all over the place even in winter 2013 when I visited Lisbon but it took a long while to reach our part of the world, and so it did when Hania Amir sported fishnet stockings with laidback denim shorts and tee in Namaaloom Afraad 2 this year. And while not all of us can be embracing this trend in the same manner, we can sure fish it up in the form of a top worn over some colored tank top as far as the multi-layering is done right.

7   Vintage Florals

Plain solids are so passé. When I say vintage and floral in one go, you’ve got to hit the right spot to really nail this insanely elegant trend. Go floral within the vintage theme and not in that three-piece lawn way pretty please…

8    Chocolate Brown

Somethings are far beyond mere trends and are absolute classics that you long to visit winter after winter more-so for the sake of its’ pleasant recall value that takes you back to heart-warming memories! The chocolate brown colored winter-wear being one such favorite <3

9  Wide Belts

It was inevitable: After all those oversize silhouettes, baggy, wide-leg pants and even baggier sleeves, defined waists were to comeback and meet us any way!

10    Formal Velvets

Oh how long do we wait to adorn the lavish velvets year round, its’ not even funny. Adorn yourself at every possible chance you can this winter and feel nothing short of royalty!