The Best Food Channels To Follow On YouTube

It is quite difficult choosing which Pakistani food channel to follow. This article highlights some of the best food channels to follow.

Nothing makes people more happy then food. It is the one thing in the world that brings people together. Many have taken their passion for food to the next level by launching YouTube channels dedicated to showcasing some of their favourite recipes. With so many food channels on YouTube to follow, we have highlighted the five best food channels to follow.

Kitchen With Amna:

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She is the first Pakistani female YouTuber to receive a golden play button. (Source: Facebook/Kitchen With Amna)


Perhaps one of the most famous food channels on YouTube, she is the first Pakistani women to ever receive a golden play button from YouTube. This is given to YouTubers who garner more than a million subscribers. However, it comes as no surprise as to why she has so many viewers. She is known for making some of the most tastiest meals and providing some of the most scrumptious recipes. Her well renowned cooking makes her channel worth following.

Food Village Secrets:

YouTuber Mubashir Siddique has garnered up to a million subscribers on his channel. Perhaps the reason for this increasing popularity could be his tantalizing cooking videos that prompt people to take up cooking. His channel is dedicated to showcasing some of the best traditional Pakistani dishes and how to prepare them using more traditional methods.


Rana Hamza Saif:

This is one YouTube channel that you must follow if you are a lover of street food. Saif has made countless videos that highlight some of the best street food around the country. He gives an honest food review of where you can get some of the best street food in the country. He not only explores street food in Pakistan but also reviews street food in foreign cities such as Istanbul.


Ruby Ka Kitchen:

If you are a lover of Pakistani cuisine, then you will instantly fall in love with this channel. Residing in the US, she makes some of the most tastiest and mouth watering food videos for the viewers back home. Her very own rendition of some of the tastiest Pakistani dishes has garnered her loads of viewers and subscribers. What separates her from the rest of the YouTubers is the entertaining manner in which she presents herself in the video.



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