The Best Places In Town For French Fries

French fries are some of the best fast food items to have. Hence, we have come out with an article highlighting some of the places that sell the best fries.

French fries are perhaps some of the most tastiest fast food items around. Though many joints in town sell fries with their meals, there are some joints that have come about which only sell fries. This article highlights some of the best fries joints in town.


An establishment that specializes entirely in producing and selling french fries, Potadose has managed to make its mark on the market. Its brand of fries are enormously popular with the masses. Their menu consists of a diverse range of french fries. These include BBQ Fries, Cheesy Cream Fries, Garlic Mayo Fries and Masala Fries. Their menu also sell a whole range of burgers and desserts as well.

french fries
Potadose offers some of the best fries in town. (Source: Potadose)


Perhaps one of the best brand of french fries in the city, One Potato Two Potato is sure to be a delight for any fries lover. Though they sell fries in different sauces ranging from Garlic Mayo to Masala, what makes their french fries highly tasty is their portion size. The large portion is enough to satisfy one’s hunger. Their Jumbo fries can be considered as a whole meal that can be had along with their highly tasty hot-dogs.

french fries
One Potato Two Potato serves some of the biggest fries around. (Source: Facebook/ OPTP)


A cafe that has come up the ranks, Mew provides some of the best food in town. It comes as no surprise that their french fries are also regarded as some of the best in town. As part of their starters, they serve a total of three different style of french fries. These include; truffle and mushroom, Kimchi and Bologneses. Despite serving three different style of french fries, the taste is the same; scrumptious and delightful.

french fries
Mews offer three different flavours of fries. (Source: Facebook/ Mews)

No Lies Fries:

A recently established joint, No Lies Fries has been gaining massive popularity for its tasty french fries. Though it also sells some amazing juicy burgers, their crunchy and crispy fries are known to be some of the best in the city and has garnered them massive praises from the masses.

french fries
No Lies Fries offers some of the tastiest fries around. (Source: Facebook/No Lies Fries)
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