The Forced US Isolationism in Iran Nuclear Deal

Is US moving towards Isolationism on purpose, or is it the Super Power country losing its worth around in the United Nations?

To have a separate opinion from the US isn’t an easy task. And that too, on something, that has an importance in the whole world. Iran, was the only country that had yet come upfront, confronting the United States. The enmity between the two has been long known for, which came forward after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Since then, the two countries have been against one another on every different occasion.

The biggest difference of opinion between the two came on Iran’s Nuclear Power. Where on one hand, Iran denies making Nuclear Weapons, the US is rigid on the opinion that Iran is in the procedure of making one. When Donald Trump came into power, he withdrew from Iran Nuclear Deal, which was quite shocking for all the other nations. However, all the countries did try to explain the US, how crucial it was for Iran, that their trade resumes and they start earning out of it. The deal that Trump withdrew from was to end in 2020, but Trump decided to extend it till an unknown period of time. Nevertheless, the P5 countries oppose the US here.


The countries are to meet in Vienna soon, to discuss this. According to IAEA “Iran is voluntarily providing the IAEA with access to the two locations specified by the IAEA. Both sides recognise the independence, impartiality and professionalism of the IAEA continue to be essential in the fulfilment of its verification activities”

The US is left alone here. Countries are siding with Iran, as the matter for them is legitimate. It is yet to see what happens next, when all countries come to the same table to talk.

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