The Issues in Sudan

Sudan has been facing a critical time since a couple of weeks. People are dying, and the forces are on the verge of killing everyone. Sneak Peak on the issue.

Sudan’s internal affairs have led the country on the verge of Civil War. With everyday clashes, against the interim government, the military, the protesters and the opposition demands the immediate removal of the military from the presidential posts, and are fighting to bring in one of the civilians. The civilians started an ‘open-ended civil disobedience campaign’ where they demanded the power to be handed from TMC (Transitional Military Council) to civilian-led interim government after the removal of Omal Al-Bashir.

The protesters blocked whole of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, in order to record what they were protesting for, however, things didn’t go much how they wanted it to be. Military crackdowns took place all over the capital killing almost 35 people in a day and wounding even more. Apart from the fact that around 4 days ago, 40 bodies were pulled out from the Nile River, which were apparently dumped by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the people who are injured are also not taken care of and are ‘expelled’ from the hospitals.

Now the tensions have worsened in the city of Khartoum, as the protests have gone out of hands and so have the military crackdown. The protesters and military, both have accepted the Ethiopian PM as a mediator, however no progressive talks have taken place yet. On the contrary, Khartoum has been deserted completely, with only a handful of people living thee, that too, not leaving their homes.