The Melt; Your Next Go To Burger Spot

The much-hyped Burger joint The Melt is located at the busy streets of Bukhari. Once you enter the restaurant there is a shake it juice bar whipping up some monster shakes which is sure to amp up your food cravings even further!

On to the menu, unlike many burger joints present in Pakistan which have limited offerings present, the melt has a lot of variety to offer and hence has a rather extensive menu which was impressive from the get-go.

On the recommendation of our server, we ordered The Melt and Kitkat Monster Shake and boy we were impressed.


The Burger was served to us in rustic steel trays it had ground beef patty with just the right kick of spice to it, laden with caramelized onions pickled cucumber and tomatoes laying atop crunchy iceberg lettuce.


The monster shake was served in a mason jar, which was lined with chocolate sauce and was quite a heavy drink which had KitKat chunks and chocolate ice cream with just the right amount of sweetness. It stood true to being a monster shake.






















A cozy restaurant joint with ample seating space, what we particularly loved was the sitting area the bar stools which were overlooking the window added a great touch to the restaurant and is a great spot for insta-worthy pictures too! The interior made one reminiscent of the shake shack, which methinks is the joint The Melt took its inspiration from!

Unlike most restaurants,which have all sorts of music playing this joint was a “Music Free Zone” promoting enjoying life in the moemnt and having conversation with oen another.

Want a scrumptious variety of burgers and drool-worthy shakes? This place needs to be on your must-haves list!