The People of Iran, Iraq & Their Hospitality

The news, the information, we get from Social Media might be tempting enough to believe, but is it honest enough to be given?

The first ever patient of Coronavirus in Pakistan was none other than a ‘Za’ir’ who had come from Iran to Pakistan. There are thousands of Pakistanis who visit Iran and Iraq every year, regardless of their cast or creed. These people are given the best of hospitality in Iran and Iraq. Not because Za’ir are foreigners for them but rather because that is how they are. Their hospitality is known all around the globe.

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, and one already infected person entering Pakistan, there had been changes on the border. Changes in how people in Iran will enter back in Pakistan. Why border? Not all Pakistanis are rich enough to afford flights to Iran. Therefore they travel to Iran through bus. As easy as it may seem to be, commuting through bus isn’t an easy task. But for the sake of love, honor and respect of the two sacred places, people make exceptions.

Taftan Border At The Moment.

Since the news went out that Patient Zero came from Iran, the two governments took an action. As not to infect the whole of Pakistan, they asked the ‘Za’ireens’ to quarantine themselves at the Taftan Border. The ‘Za’ireens’ being at the border had no internet connection, but few people who went to help them brought back some of the videos to show us all. The state they were in, was miserable. Although they were in Pakistan, people started blaming Iran and the people of Iran. However, they had little or no information on how the people of Iran and Iraq treat those who come to visit their country.

So, as to let everyone know, here is small piece of article that might explain you what and how are the people of the two countries.


The culture in Iran is actually family-oriented. They respect their own family members and believe that others are also a part of their family, especially the ‘Za’ireen’. When you arrive in Mashad, at Imam Raza’s Shrine, you will see an exceptional hospitality from their side. Just putting it here, the people of Iran and Iraq have one big difference, and that is of representation. Where people in Iran rich there Iraq is a poor country with people comparatively poor than those of Iran. In Iran, people will offer you their homes to live, they would ask you to share their dinner with them.

People in Iran believe on the phrase “whats mine is yours” actually. They would offer you whatever they have, even if have nothing left with them at the end of the day. Iranis will look after you, your needs, your health and your choices. They will make sure, you leave their home satisfied.


This is how they treat people. This is how they look after those who visit their country in regards to religious activities. And it is not only about Mashad. Be it Tehran, be it Qum, you will find the same love and hospitality in every single city of Iran.


Who doesn’t know about Iraq? Regardless of the fact what religion you belong to, people from every religion, every caste and creed, of every color and race will be found in Karbala & Najaf. People usually visit Karbala & Najaf during the the two Islamic months, 10th & 20th of Muharram & Safar. And the hospitality that people get there. Its priceless. People prefer walking from Najaf to Karbala which is 92 KM. The route has 1,452 poles rooted at certain distance so that people don’t lose their way to Karbala. The most interesting part is what the people of Iraq offer you throughout the walk.


There are thousands of camps in the way. The camps belong to people from all around the world. The camps provide people with free food and free beds. They provide people with free water, free juices and free cold drinks. There are people in camps who will massage your feet because you might be tired of the walk. And it is not that only the rich people of Karbala do so. People of Karbala will help you in any way they can. They are not as rich as people in Iran, but. if they can’t afford much they will just stand there with a tissue box. And all of this is for free. They will kiss your hands and your forehead.


The hospitality of Iraqis cannot be matched. The love, the respect they give is simply out of the world. To each and every person who is walking to Karbala from Najaf. The locals call it ‘Mashi’.

Are These Two Countries Creating Trouble for Those Quarantined? 

Those who do so much for the people. Who love others and respect others, can never cause harm to them. As the news floods around that the Iranis aren’t treating Pakistanis well, is something unthinkable. They would love to keep you, host you, look after you, regardless of everything. Free of cost. That is how they are and that is how they treat people.

So those thinking that Iranis are creating trouble, no they are not. Instead, if you would go back to Iran and ask them if they can stay, they will let yous stay without asking a question. It is the people on the other side of Iran border who are creating trouble for the ‘Za’ireens’.

Rather than blaming other countries, we should all just pray that this whole thing gets over. And those still stuck at Taftan border, return back home soon. It is time we all joined hands together rather than pointing fingers at one another.

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