This Indian Acapella Band Has Gift for Pakistan’s Independence Day

This year, we have already seen a lot of renditions of Pakistani songs coming our way. But, Indians have definitely given a new name to ‘Aman Ki Asha’ by singing National Anthem to wish Pakistan a ‘Happy Birthday’. This loving gesture has melted our hearts, and we couldn’t describe how loving is it to receive such a gift from people who are considered our arch-rivals.

Listen to this Acapella version of National Anthem and ponder over the gesture first:

The Indian band Voxchord states in the beginnings:

“This Independence Day, we’d like to dedicate a song to our neighbours. A song about faith, pride and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection.”

The way the entire anthem has been orchestrated and presented is full of emotions. No one can say that it has been sung by people who have no emotional value attached to it. It is about time that we get over the unnecessary politics that has surrounded the country. It should just be accepted that we are two separate countries who do not have a favourable history. But everything could easily be forgotten in the name of peace.

Thank you India!