Toy Story 4 Releasing this Month

Toy Story series is getting a new addition after 9 years

Disney in collaboration with Pixar is releasing their 4th and probably their final Toy Story movie. After 9 years, they are all set to release it this month. They have a new character in the movie which is a fork made by Bonnie.

When Andy leaves for college, he hands over all of his toys to Bonnie who is a toddler living in his neighbour and this happens in the end of the last movie. Bonnie literally creates a new fork friend at school out of her imagination probably and the whole movie is an adrenaline pumping adventure which revolves around the previous characters and this new fork character named ‘Forky’

Tom Hanks has been voicing the main character ‘Woody’ ever since the first Toy Story movie came out in 1995. During a press conference in Florida he mentioned how he felt while filming the last few scenes of this movie.

 I didn’t want to have any self-consciousness for what I knew was going to be the… last few hours I was spending with the movie

He also mentions that he was unable to face anyone while reading his last lines for the film. He became even more emotional because he recorded his last scene in the same booth that he recorded the original Toy Story.

You drive into the lot, through the same gate, you park in the same spot they had for you, then you go through the same doors, get in your car and you drive back through. And you think, ‘I have recorded the last moment of the current Toy Story.’

Toy Story 4 is expected to release on 21st of June and fans have been very excited for this final movie.