Tribhanga: Story of a Mother, Daughter, and Some

A recently released Netflix film, Tribhanga, talks about the lives of a mother, daughter, and their struggles and aspirations in life.

Tribhanga, directed and written by Renuka Shahane, has managed to build a story of women on-screen told by a woman herself? The amount of times we get to witness such a piece is rare.

In Tribhanga – Tedhi Medhi Crazy, writer-director Renuka Shahane, a well-known actor herself, tries to make an emotional drama around three generations of women. However, while the plot seems absolutely amazing, the narration is not the best.

Tribhanga – Tedhi Medhi Crazy is basically a story about a family; three women, their struggles, and aspirations. Tanvi Azmi is Nayantara, an acclaimed writer, and mother of Anuradha (enacted by Kajol); who is a Bollywood actor-dancer. Anuradha is seen as a complex yet fierce woman who happens to be a single mother. Moreover, Mithali Palkar, who is playing Masha (Anuradha’s daughter), is portrayed as quite different from the rest of the women in her family. She is a ‘perfect’ housewife who is ready to comprise anything to be able to live and provide her child with a ‘normal’ life which she was deprived of.

As Anuradha explains in the movie, the characters can easily be explained through the language of dance: Nayantara is Abhanga, a slightly mad genius; Masha is Samabhanga, completely balanced; and Anuradha is skewed and weird, which is why she is Tribhanga.

The broken family is forced to come together and reunite due to Nayantara suffering a brain stroke that puts her in a coma. There are many things happening in Tribhanga; there is sexual assault, domestic violence, and professional aspirations, to somewhat build and justify the broken relations between the central characters.

While Tribhanga was beautifully executed, and Kajol played her part flawlessly. There were parts where we couldn’t help but get frustrated. Vaibhav Tatwawaadi, who plays Robindro, Anuradha’s brother, the character was barely utilized and quite frankly unnecessary. The storyline was made to focus on the women, however, while doing so, we believe that the director forgot about the male characters as well.

Moreover, poor Kunaal Roy Kapur was out of place the entire movie and could have definitely done better considering that he had a very prominent and strong role throughout Tribhanga.

All in all, we believe that Tribhanga is a good watch. The movie instills familial feelings in one and highlights and empowers women all over for being the strong independent goddesses they are!

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