Twinkle Khanna Cries in Conversation with Malala

Last week, Indian writer, Twinkle Khanna and Malala got together in a virtual meeting. After hearing Malala's story, the writer was left teary-eyed.

As part of former Bollywood actress, now-author, Twinkle Khanna’s virtual Tweak India Summit, Oxford graduate Malala joined her in a virtual session and spoke about the importance of using our voice to empower others.

The one-day summit included a variety of women from different walks of life including Vidya Balan, Tahira Kashyap, Chetna Singh Gala, Sudha Murty, Revathi Roy and others,

Malala spoke about her experience at Oxford as a student, public figure, Nobel laureate, activist and the owner of an organisation. She said, “I was not a television celebrity or actor you know, So even the support and fame I was receiving was quite different. It was Malala, you’re an inspiration to us, we admire you. So for me, it was like thank you so much for your support and thank you for standing up with me. And if they would ask for a picture then yes, of course, why not?”

Certain revelations that Malala made were not just astonishing but heartbreaking as well. She also addressed how it felt to be the centre of death threats and writing blogs anonymously for the BBC. 

“For me, that life was the worst I could imagine, that’s why I started speaking for my rights to go to school and for the rights of all the girls in Swat valley.”

Next, she added, addressing the risk of anonymously writing blogs for the BBC, “I never thought that I was taking a risk because we were already living in risk, in a conflict. Every night I’d sleep in the fear of the Taliban because they could just knock on your door and kill anyone.”

Twinkle Khanna stated that it is a “quantum leap” for a twelve-year-old girl to come to the realization that she needs to speak up for everyone and there must have been a force pushing her to keep going to which Malala responded,  “My father was my inspiration”.

In a statement to IANS,  Twinkle Khanna revealed, “The interview with Malala was meant to be just audio. Just as I set it up, it shifted to video. I hurriedly pushed back my hair and managed to stab my eye with a kohl pencil in a hurry to look vaguely human. In the end, it didn’t matter because listening to her story made me all teary-eyed and everything smudged.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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