This Two-Time Guinness World Record Holder Student Sitting On Street Has A Message!

Breaking Guinness World Record, and achieving official recognition is no less a feat. Especially in Pakistan, where people have no governmental resources to support them, those who manage to break any record are actually champion in their field. But, unfortunately our politicians have nothing to do with the talent that is brimming in Pakistan, let alone people who are breaking the records.

This is why, this young boy, ‘Farhan Ayub’, sitting on a road with his Guinness Certificate seeking out attention of the government is a moment of shame for all the nation:

Farhan has not only broken two Martial Arts World Record, but has the talent to break another seven world records. Though, unfortunately he has no resources left to do the latter. It is a moment of utter shame that this is how we treat our people who bring international accolades home. If it were to be any other country then Pakistan, people would have been hoarding around his home just to get a glimpse. And we? We are just hearing it for the first time that this boy has done it all for Pakistan.

Another point to ponder over after watching this video is that not only Farhan is adamant on getting education, but he doesn’t want public support. All he needs is government to help him with the continuation of his studies. Let’s see how long it takes for the authorities to wake up from their deep slumber and help this student, with the eagerness to study, out.