US-Russia Issues, A Fight Between Two Superpowers

US has brought out speculations that Russia has been funding Taliban with bounties to attack US Forces. Something unanticipated.

Since 1985, relations between Russia and the United States haven’t been really good. When USSR broke down, Russia knew that they would be one big thing in the world. And they were capable of giving the US a tough time. They didn’t quite accept US’s dictation, and didn’t became part of the west, unlike to what the US expected. Now, US & Russia and the biggest rivals in the world. With being equipped with nuclear powers, the two countries are considered to be the only superpowers in the world. However, each of them wants their monopoly and is in a constant urge to end the other in some way or another.

Now, US has been sanctioning their rivals for long. Be it Iran or be it Russia, or for the sake of it, be it the warzone, Syria, US sanctions anyone, who they think is coming in the way of their global benefits. US is now to sanction Russia, over a report that was published back in 2019, stating that Russia funded the Taliban. According to reports, Russia was providing the Taliban with money to kill US Forces. The speculation came front when US’s SEAL Team Six raided a Taliban outpost. They have said to recover an amount of $500,000 from there.

However, Talibans haven’t replied to the speculations against them, and Russia, yet when Mike Pompeo questioned them. Moreover, the Russian Spokesman for Vladimir Putin has rejected such claims in the first place. Nevertheless, according to the CIA, they would not give up and follow every lead that comes to their way just to protect the armed US Forces all around the world. Ironic.

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