US Wants Iran to Free US Prisoners

Amid the recent Coronavirus, US wants Iran to free the US captives, as a humanly gesture in return for a bit of aid to fight the ongoing virus.

US-Iran relations have never been sweet. Nevertheless, as sour as they can be, things only tend to worsen up by time. And in every situation, both of the countries try their level best to seize opportunities whenever they can. Well, it is for all the countries most probably. Pakistan has asked countries to waive-off the loans that the country took in the past. Kept aside, US sanctioned Iran again in 2018 after Trump left 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal. Since then, they have been quite harsh on Iran, especially on their export of oil and petroleum. Iran, on the other hand, has kept different US nationals as prisoners, in different cases.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, US has asked Iran to free all the prisoners in their country. However, it won’t effect the pressure they have been building on Iran through sanctions. According to the Commerce Department, they would be keeping six people, including five Iranian Scientists and eighteen corporations to the US’s ‘Entity List’. They are ‘responsible’ for aiding Iran’s, Russia’s and Pakistan’s nuclear productivity.

However, Imam Khamenai has ordered to release many different prisoners from jail, amid the upcoming event known as ‘nauroz’. “Those who will be pardoned will not return to jail … almost half of those security-related prisoners will be pardoned as well,” judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili told state TV on Wednesday. According to sources, around 85,000 prisoners will be released from holdings. However, this is most probably why US is looking forward to releasing their people held in Iran.

Nevertheless, Iran has not issued any statement on it yet. It is yet to see if Iran stays under pressure or seeks relieve by releasing few US prisoners.

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