Uzair Baloch, Lyari’s Notorious Gangster

Uzair Baloch, a well-known gangster from Lyari, and with links to Pakistan People's Party, was caught in December 2016, and his case goes on till date.

Born in Karachi, Lyari’s notorious criminal, Uzair Baloch, is known almost worldwide now. Being a son of an ordinary transporter, Uzair Baloch had nothing to do with gang wars, until his father was kidnapped. His father was kidnapped by a gang member Arshad Pappu. Arshad Pappu later killed Uzair Baloch’s father, Faiz Baloch a.k.a Faizu Mamu in 2003. This was the time when Uzair Baloch decided to seek revenge, and joined Rehman Dacoit’s gang. In 2008, Rehman Dacoit was killed in a Police faceoff. It was then when Uzair Baloch took over the gang.

Rehman Dacoit

Since then, according to JIT, Uzair Baloch has committed 198 murders. They are apart from all the money he got from extortion and kidnapping. Moreover, he was the chairperson for the Pakistan People Party’s Pakistan Aman Committee (PAC). According to JIT, “The accused under the cover of PAC made Lyari his own state. And put the entire city in a state of fear where no one felt safe, especially in and around Lyari.”

On 9th July 2020, in National Assembly, PTI and PPP engaged in a scuffle due to Uzair Baloch. When PTI’s Murad Saeed read Uzair’s confessional statement, PPP walked out of the assembly. According to Murad Saeed, Uzair used to send the extortion money went to Asif Ali Zardari and Faryal Talpur.

There are many questions that arise from this. And the biggest question that still hangs around is the relevance in what Uzair is saying. His ties with PPP were valid, and it has been seen in many different instances. But is any of the governmental parties involved in murders and land-grabbing? This question still remains unanswered.

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