Villages in Jhelum Get Sealed due to COVID-19

The District Administration of Jhelum has sealed another village as it was revealed that 12 members of a family were suspected to have COVID-19. Previously, one had been sealed due to the villagers disregarding the rules set by the District Administration.

The District Administration of Jhelum has sealed another village on Sunday as it was revealed that 12 members of a family, who had returned from the UK recently, were suspected to have COVID-19. Miranabad, a village in the Dina Tehsil, has been closed off by the police and any movements to and from has been prohibited.

Before this, another village in the Sohawa Tehsil, named Akra Mora, had been sealed. Sohawa Tehsil Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sharjeel Shahid stated that a woman named Shahida Bibi had complained about feeling sick after she returned from the UK and attended a funeral. She was taken to a hospital in Rawalpindi where doctors suspected that she could have contracted COVID-19. Subsequently, they collected swab samples from all three family members for subsequent testing. However, Shahida Bibi passed away while the results were being processed.

The villagers however violated the SOP set by the District Administration of Jhelum which states that no more than 5 people can attend a funeral. When the Administration found out about this, AC Shahid claimed that they went to the graveyard in Akra Mora, Jhelum. When they reached the spot, the funeral rites were underway, having begun half an hour ahead of schedule.

It was later revealed that Shahida’s husband and nephew had both tested positive for COVID-19. AC Shahid stated that since they had observed many people hug the husband and nephew, they had sealed off the entire village to avoid letting it spread further.

The administration has completed screening of some 160 villagers while 24 close relatives of the deceased have been shifted to isolation wards. However, he confirmed that no other cases has emerged so far.


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