Wang Wang: The New Hype of Karachi

Wang Wang is the new trend of Karachi with authentic Chinese hotpot delicacy which you have to cook yourself. The restaurant is located in Phase 6, DHA.

If you live in Karachi, you would know what Wang Wang is unless you are living under a rock. It is the new trend in Karachi which everyone is raving about, with 3.9 ratings on Google.

Wang Wang is a restaurant located on main 26th street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 6, DHA. Their specialty is the traditional Chinese Hotpot delicacy and that is the only thing they serve with a range of different ingredients.

This noodle hotpot delicacy has been a staple in Chinese culture for a very long time. This dish emerged in Magnolia according to some theories around 800 years ago.

Wang Wang

In a metal hotpot placed on top of a cooker, they add water for the broth followed by the ingredients to make the broth. Wang Wang has two options for the hotpot, clear or spicy. In the spicy one, they add chillis and spices to make it as spicy as the customer desires however they charge for adding extra spices in hotpot. You get to select the ingredients you want to add to the hotpot ranging from vegetables like mushrooms, potatoes, and more to different kinds of meats like squid, chicken, prawns, and more. They give you the ingredients you order raw along with raw noodles for the customers to dip it in the hotpot and make it themselves.

The food is cooked in front of the customers which leaves the cooking time upon the customers and the customers remain much more patient and satisfied with the food than when the food is cooked in a  restaurant kitchen away from the customer’s sight.

However, at Wang Wang, the waiters who are serving the raw ingredients and taking orders have little knowledge about how the hotpot works and how the food is cooked. So customers with no experience in how to prepare the hotpot dish may feel lost and either eat it raw or get it burned.

The prices of each ingredient are different depending on the demand and availability of the ingredients and although the food is quite reasonable if you are going in a group the drinks are priced very high. The timings of the restaurant are 5 to 12.

The restaurant itself is very plain with statement walls but the seating arrangement is quite minimal with casual cutlery. If you are looking to find authentic Chinese food with amazing taste this place is a must however beware that this place is not fancy, you will have to cook and figure it yourself and you may have to wait a while to find a table in case you go in rush hours or weekends.

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