Ward Boy Assaults Patient in Karachi

A private hospital's ward boy has been arrested after being involved in molesting a handicapped women in an ICU.

Sexual frustration can make a person stoop lower than anyone’s expectations. However, it does not justify any act, done in such a mental state. With innumerable incidents of raping, molestation and forced conversions along with forced marriages, such men in Pakistan are increasing day by day. There have been incidents when initially women were raped in Pakistan. This was the first step for ‘men’ to stoop low. Then men started sexually assaulting children, raping the dead and killing women after raping them. Calling such people ‘humans’ is out of the books.

Yesterday, such a man crossed the limits of inhumanity. A ward boy in a private hospital located at Gulshan e Iqbal, molested a handicapped woman admitted in ICU. The next day, when her husband reached hospital, the wife narrated the story. He had found her crying and scared. A CCTV footage was revealed later, where the ward boy was shown locking the door to ICU, which proved the incident.

Later the officials arrested the ward boy the same day. According to the officials “The woman told her husband that in the middle of the night, the ward boy came to her” and attempted to assault her. “When she [resisted], he threatened her and locked the door of the ICU which did not have many patients. He attempted to molest her but ran away after she screamed. On a complaint, the police rushed to the hospital, identified the suspect with the assistance of the woman and arrested him”.

It was, initially, the hospital’s duty to keep a check on the happenings under them. Surely, this wasn’t ‘one of its kind’ incident. Such incidents usually go unreported, sadly. However, social media has been helping the security officials to take actions swifter than before. All we look forward to, is, justice.

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