What Has Erdogan to Say For Pakistan?

Erdogan has arrived in Pakistan and has met the officials. There are many points that he has made in this meeting, which might be beneficial for Pakistan.

Turkey’s President, Tayyib Erdogan, had a warm welcome in Pakistan. Turkey and Pakistan has been in alliance since a really long time. The two countries not only share regional bond but their histories date back to several hundred years. The President of Turkey addressed a joint session in the Parliament. He said “I hope that we will preserve the eternal brotherhood between Pakistan and us (Turkey) forever because our brotherhood originates not from the blood ties but from the ties of affection.”  He further said “How can we forget those [Pakistanis] who prayed for Turkey? Our friendship is not based on vested interests but on love,” he said.

President Erdogan, today, also spoke about his stance on Kashmir. He said “Today, the issue of Kashmir is as close to us as it is to you [Pakistanis],”. He moreover, told how the issue can be solved in Kashmir. “The Kashmir issue can be resolved not through conflict or oppression but on the basis of justice and fairness. Such a solution will serve the interests of all parties concerned. Turkey will continue to stand by justice, peace and dialogue in the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

As ironic as it can be, because of what is happening in Syria, nevertheless Erdogan does support Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir. Nevertheless, Pakistan does need support from other countries in order to grow, be it economically or socially. Moreover, they do need to make their place in the region as to expand trade routes. Lets see, how far does TurkPak relations go.

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