What if I Were a Muslim?

We can raise up our voices when Hijab is banned in France, we can start protesting when Muslims are kept captives in China, so why not now?

We Muslims, as believers, have faith in Allah. We have our own standards set and we have quite few things which we consider as pious in our religion. When Hindus disturbed Muslims during prayers, we were furious over it. When Hijab was banned in France, we were outrageous. When Muslims were killed in New Zealand mosque, we had no words to express how wretched were we at that very time. But why don’t we consider, for once, that for others, their religion is as pious, as ours is to us.

Recently, there have been many cases in Pakistan where forced marriages and conversions have become really common now. Hindu girls are being treated quite inhumanely as for now. They are being forcefully converted to Islam, and are being married to, alongside being brutally beaten for no particular reason. Recently, Payal Devi has been quite in to the news, where the poor lady has been forcefully married. A video came up on internet where she told the media that it was all done willingly, but her wounded body told a different story.

Another video came up where apparently a DSP’s wife was found harassing number of Hindus who were worshipping in the temple. The Hindu women was addressing the DSP’s wife as ‘Behen’, whereas the DSP’s wife was not talking quite as soberly as them.

If we live in a free world, we should let others follow what they want to. If one doesn’t want to talk about society but about religion, or Islam specifically, even Islam tells its followers to let others preach what they want to. Force, if used to spread Islam, is nothing near to what Islam teaches Muslims.

Our security officials should look in to the matters carefully when it comes to minorities because we are all humans at the end of the day and everyone deserves to live peacefully, with freedom to practice their religion.

May Allah bless us all and show us the right path. Ameen.