What is World Mental Health Day and How Can You Celebrate in Pakistan?

Mental Health Day is right around the corner, and to raise and spread awareness, we have collected a few ways you can help.

Numerous individuals experience difficulties with their physical, intellectual, sentimental, and mental health. Thankfully, World Mental Health Day, which takes place on October 10, aims to raise consciousness about mental health issues and lessen the stigma that sometimes accompanies them.

You may honour and commemorate the day regardless of how much you individually struggle with mental health issues through your actions, your activism, and your methods.

World Mental Health Day: What is it? Based on initiatives taken by the World Federation for Mental Health, it started in 1992. Their 150-nation membership aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and their global repercussions. Tragically, there is a big need for activism and mental health awareness especially in Pakistan.

Every year on October 10th, the world observes World Mental Health Day (WMHD). The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the value of mental well-being and the precautions that can be taken to safeguard it. On World Mental Health Day, various meetings and activities are held worldwide to raise awareness of mental health concerns and the various methods for managing and preventing them.

The total health of the body depends on good mental wellness. Depression and other mental illnesses are brought on by poor mental health, which also has an effect on the impacted people’s physical health and standard of living.

Pakistanis have been on a mission to establish nationwide awareness, starting from big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. From speeches and events in schools to events held by Hospitals and Mental Health Clinics, a few approaches have been made to assert the importance of this topic, especially in the upcoming generation.

WHO Celebrates World Mental Health Day Every Year

World Health Organisation (WHO) Pakistan celebrated World Mental Health Day on October 10 with the help of psychosocial workers from the UN Critical Incident Stress Management Unit (CISMU). The programme, which was sponsored by the WHO Provincial Office in Lahore, was intended to increase the public’s understanding of problems related to mental health at work.

Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital in Islamabad Celebrates World Mental Health Day

Experts with extensive backgrounds in the field of mental health, including professors and doctors, have been cordially invited to provide comprehensive insights into a wide range of mental health concerns.

Agha Khan University Hospital Focuses on Taboo Topics Each Year

AKUH Every year on October 10th, observed Mental Health Day to raise awareness of the early indications of declining mental health and to emphasise how important it is to lend a hand to those who are struggling with mental health concerns, which remain stigmatised in Pakistan.

Mental Health Clinics Start Awareness Activities and Events Since 1st October

Mental health clinics such as Taskeen, PsychCares, Healthline Clinic, The Parklane Clinic, SOCH, Fountain House Pakistan, and more are actively promoting mental health awareness in their respective cities. These clinics are organizing a range of in-clinic and outdoor activities like going into schools, colleges, workplaces and other heavily populated and visited places to increase awareness. These activities will continue until the end of October.

How Can You Help? 

How then may you honour or celebrate World Mental Health Day? Accentuating accessibility is one of the initial steps. To emphasise and reaffirm the significance of mental health, share your own story about it along with other peoples’ stories via posts, likes, and shares.

Keep in touch with the individuals you love as another way to observe the day. One of the key components of all types of wellness is connectivity. Physical, cognitive, and emotional health are all influenced by feeling like a member of a group and recognising connections with people.

Therefore, email or text a friend. Make a call to a close friend or relative. Visit a neighbour by stopping by. Help anyone you know who is experiencing mental health issues feel understood.

Learning about psychological wellness is another approach to observing the day. Find out more about how prevalent it is and the elements that affect mental health. Find out how you may get involved and promote good mental health in your neighbourhood by researching organisations in your area that promote mental health.

By accepting opportunities to step beyond your comfort zones, seeking out worthwhile challenges, and discovering new things, you can commemorate World Mental Health Day. Happiness comes from spending quality time resting with family and friends, but it also comes from attempting new things, constructively stretching your limits, and overcoming challenges with fresh insights.

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