Where is the Government?

Those who commute from ‘Pull Kay Us Paar’, can relate to how bad the situation of roads is there and how tough it is for them to travel & drive on those roads.

Karachi is not only the city of lights but is the heart of Pakistan, from where almost most of the country runs. People have to move from one part of the city to another, usually, to reach to their jobs on time. However, uneven roads and flooded streets usually don’t give much chance for the employees to be punctual. Traffic jams, accidents, usual road rages have made quite a havoc in the city for quite a long time.

Since Numaish Chowrangi has been closed for construction, the traffic has immensely directed towards Shahra e Faisal, leaving only one way for all the people to commute entirely. Those who have to go to I.I Chundrigarh have to go all the way to Secretariat’s Chowrangi making commute even more difficult as it gets all jammed up due to excessive cars on roads. Apart from that, people have been facing uneven/broken roads near Lalukhet, 10 Number, Jail Chowrangi and several other areas.

The question that arises is, who is responsible for the care taking of the city and who is to be blamed for the current situation of the city where Numaish Chowrangi is closed for long, Shaheed e Millat on the other hand is under construction and what is being heard is, that 5 Star Chowrangi is further being closed for the undergoing work of the overhead bridge.

The Governmental Officials should look in to the matter as soon as possible so that travel becomes ease for people rather than hardship.