Why Berlin Doner and Gryo has one of the best doner kebabs in Karachi

If you are looking to chow down on some highly juicy and tender doner kebabs, then you should definitely give Berlin Doner and Gyro a must try.

If there is one places that makes the best doner kebabs in Karachi, it is Berlin Doner and Gyro. The franchise restaurant has been specializing in making stellar doner kebabs since 1986!

Though the question remains is what makes this place special. Why is it that they have the best doner kebabs in Karachi. Well we are here to tell you all the reasons why.

1) Extremely huge portion sizes

Just having one of their doner kebabs alone can keep you full for an entire day. Yup! you heard me right. Their huge portion sizes are sure to keep your appetite completely satisfied. It is also the reason for why they simply have one of the best doner kebabs in Karachi.

best doner kebabs in Karachi

They also make for the perfect warm comfort food to have during the cold winter days. The large sized sandwich filled with tender and warm meat is sure to keep your belly warm this icy cold season.

2) Large variety of doner kebabs

What is special about Berlin Doner and Gyro is their wide variety of doner kebabs. If you consume chicken a lot, then they have plenty of chicken doner kebab varieties for you to try.

Some of their popular sellers are the Chicago Classic Chicken Doner, Classic Chicken Doner and Fiery Chicken Doner.

best doner kebabs in Karachi

If you are someone who loves the taste of lamb, then Berlin Doner and Gyro is the place for you. Lamb doners that you should definitely try out are the Chicago Classic Lamb Doner, Classic Lamb Doner and Fiery Lamb Doner.

Which ever flavor you have, it is certain that you will end up having one of the best doner kebabs in Karachi.

Apart from doners, they also offer a wide variety of Gyros that are sure to keep you coming back for more. Not to mention, you can also try their Doner Rice platter which is highly tasty and filling.

3) They offer a true authentic taste

What makes Berlin Doner and Gyro stand out from the rest is that it offers true authentic taste.

When you take a bite of their doner kebab, you will feel that it is similar in taste to those served on the streets of Istanbul.

best doner kebabs in Karachi

The authentic taste of their food is why they have one of the best doner kebabs in town. Each bite simply makes you feel that you are in Turkey itself.

For these reasons alone, Berlin Doner and Gyro simply has the best doner kebabs in Karachi. Whenever, you are craving of having some Turkish food, do give this joint a visit. If you liked this article, do give our article on best Thai restaurants a must read.

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