Why Do You Want a Lover Like Joe Goldberg?

Joe Goldberg, a psychotic lover in the show called 'You', has received immense popularity for his unconventional ways of loving his other half. So, why do you want a lover like him?

Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley is the main character in the show called YOU. He’s the manager of a bookstore where he spends most of his time. Beck is an aspiring writer, played by Elizabeth Lail. He sees Beck at the bookstore and develops a crush, which only gets stronger with time. Joe is very cunning and his mind works in ways one can not even imagine. He tries almost everything to become closer to Beck and that involves removing any obstacle in the way, including people.

After seeing the first season, people were obsessed with Joe and his way of showing love & affection. Some girls said that they would want someone like him and were fantasizing it. You became a big hit because of Joe, I suppose. But to be honest, he’s a psycho who needs a therapist. I wouldn’t even want to be acquaintances with someone like him because of his vile and controlling behavior. People are romanticizing the whole relationship when in reality, it’s utter crap.

Romanticizing such behavior just blew my mind and I couldn’t understand why would some people want someone like Joe. I would call it psychotic and people romanticizing it need to reevaluate what they want. Despite his obsessive behavior, girls wanted a guy like Joe Goldberg. I didn’t think this show would get many viewers but to my surprise, it ended with a cliffhanger which meant there would be a second season and I was right.

There’s a piece of good news for all the fans of YOU. Penn Badgley accidentally mentioned that there will be a third season as well. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, when asked about the role of Love Quinn, he said,

“She doesn’t appear to be the same kind of person. She doesn’t appear to be the same kind of predator. She doesn’t appear to be the same kind of… you know, dare I say, in the third season — oh, god!”

The third season of YOU could be the last one as well. But let’s not be too negative and wait for it. However, if this were true then I wouldn’t be sad.

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