Why You Should Watch Turkish Drama Serial Ertugrul

Resurrection Ertugrul is a Turkish drama serial consisting of 5 seasons that has recently gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan. You can safely read this article as it does not have any spoilers!

I had been forced by a dear friend to watch this Turkish drama serial called Resurrection: Ertugrul. Now let me tell you, I’m not really a fan of history but I found this show quite interesting. One thing that bothered me a bit was that it wasn’t dubbed. It’s available on Netflix but in Turkish, so I had to keep reading the subtitles. But I must say that it’s worth a watch.

However, if you want to watch it in Urdu then I’ve got good news for you. PTV Home will be airing Ertugrul dubbed in Urdu starting from 1st of Ramadan every day at 09:10 pm. They officially announced it on their Twitter with a 45-second promo.

Here are a few reasons why I would recommend watching Ertugrul. Apart from the amazing storyline, script and production, following are some reasons I could think of:

Based on a true story

I was amazed to find out that the serial is based on a true story of Ertugrul Ghazi. He’s the leader of the Kayi tribe of Oghuz Turks and the father of Osman, who was the leader of The Ottoman Empire. The show is filled with rich Turkish history and you get to learn so much about the struggles of Turkish Muslims in the 13th Century. The storytelling part in this serial is commendable as I did not get bored at all.

Promotes Islam

I’ve watched many serials but I’m sure I won’t be able to watch most of them with my family. However, this one would be serial that I can definitely watch with my whole family. Also, it promotes Islam in its true form. It shows the beauty of Islam and the power of believing in Allah. I feel like we all, Muslims, need it at this point in life.


Learn Turkish

Another great thing that happened to me is that I learned a tad bit of Turkish. Yes, it’s not much because they speak fast and I couldn’t make up half of the words. However, I did catch a few words and some are also similar to Arabic and Urdu such as ‘but’ or ‘however’ is ‘laikin’. And of course, listening to their real voices was kind of cool as you get to actually hear the correct pronunciation of each word.


Turkish GOT

To be honest, I’m that person who hasn’t watched GOT. Yes, I said it out loud now. I felt like it’s very overrated and that’s why I didn’t watch it. But I’ve heard a lot of people calling Ertugrul as the Turkish version of GOT. So, if you’re a GOT fan then you might like Ertugrul too. Just minus all the nudity and some violence and I guess you’ll get Ertugrul.


In a nutshell, I really enjoyed watching Ertugrul. I’ve only watched Season 1 till now but I will watch the rest too.

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