Wrong No. 2’s Trailer is Finally Here

Wrong No. was a blockbuster movie, which went hit all across the country. Now they are releasing Wrong No. 2 this Eid, and here is an overview of the amazing trailer.

Wrong No. 2 is a film by Yasir Nawaz, who has also written the screenplay of this story. Produced by Sheikh Amjad Rasheed and Hassan Zia, the adventurous film is expected to cater to the masses with its great humor, epic romance and upbeat music. It is a story by Danish Nawaz, while the trailer also gives a glimpse of how entertaining the dialogues in the movie are expected to be, courtesy of the talented Ahmed Hassan.

Wrong No. 2’s trailer shows a powerhouse of talent with the most sought-after actors and actresses of the industry performing in the movie. The romantic chemistry between the lead couple Neelum Munir and Sami Khan is quite evident from the trailer, which also shows the legendary Jawaid Sheikh, Danish and Yasir Nawaz, Ahmed Hassan, Ashraf Khan, Shafqat Cheema, Sana Fakhar, and many other actors in it. Irfan Khosat will also be making a guest appearance in the film. Wrong No. 2 is a movie that revolves around the rich heiress Zoya, played by the stunning Neelum Munir, who falls in love with a man lower to her in financial status, played by Sami Khan. The love story doesn’t end here; instead it turns into a mess with the introduction of more love interests emerging. The end result is an adventurous roller coaster ride of romance and emotions, complete with fits of laughter.


Kashif Qadri Photography
Kashif Qadri Photography
Kashif Qadri Photography

“The filming of the movie has been no less of an adventure for us either, and we are confident this film will leave you laughing to no end,” commented the famous producer of the movie, Hassan Zia.

Yasir Nawaz, the prominent director of the film said, “With the mass acceptance that Wrong No. got, it had already raised the bar for us. We have worked very hard to make sure Wrong No. 2 comes at par with it and it has been a wonderful experience working with the team on this project.”

Furthermore, YNH Films, along with Distribution Club, has also recently partnered up with EROS International for the worldwide distribution of the film.

The makers of Wrong No. and Mehrunnisa V Lub U, the dynamic team of Yasir Nawaz and Hassan Zia have time and again proven themselves to be the masters of filmmaking, and the same can be foreseen for Wrong No. 2 as well.