Yoga poses for those who sit at desk all day

Sitting is the new smoking, if you haven’t heard this expression ever before, hear it from us now! If you are an office person who sits at a desk all day, that setting might be secretly killing you in a lot of ways. From obesity to heart attack, there are a lot of issues that might surface due to frequent inactivity.

Therefore it is necessary to do some body stretching that might remind your muscles to stay active and agile. Here are some yoga poses for those who sit at a desk all day:


If you are typing all day, this one is for you. You can bend in this position or all fours, and rotate your hand backwards. Keep the hand inverted for some time, and then start rotating it for a few minutes. Do the process with both hands.


The downward dog pose will help against the all-day hunching. Start on all fours, tuck your toes, lift your hips and bring your heels toward the ground. Hold for five breaths.


Knee to Knee is a hip opener. Sit straight and stack your right knee on top of your left one. Stretch a bit, and hold the position for at least three breaths. Continue the same with the other knee.



Get rid of shoulder tightness that accompany hunching over a desk all day. Start on all fours, thread your right arm underneath your left arm until your shoulder is resting on the ground. Hold the position for at least three breaths. Make your way back to all fours, repeat the same motion with opposite side.