24 Hour Curfew Implemented in Makkah, Medina

Saudi Arabia announced a 24 hour curfew in Makkah, Medina to tackle COVID-19. Other Gulf States have imposed a lock down in low wage workers' regions.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the gulf, announced a 24 hour curfew in Makkah, Medina to tackle COVID-19. Their interior ministry listed down the exceptions which include essential workers and allowing residents to buy food and access medical care. Vehicle are to carry only one passenger.

What is the situation in Saudi Arabia other than curfew in Makkah, Medina?

Saudi Arabia has recorded 1,885 infections and 21 deaths so far, making it the leading country in the Gulf Coope­rat­ion Council (GCC). The total number of recoveries is 328. They have already stopped any international flights, suspended Umr­ah, closed most public places, and heavily restricted internal movement.

The eastern oil-producing province of Qatif, where the nation’s first COVID-19 cases were reported among Shia pilgrims returning from Iran, has been on lock down for nearly four weeks now.

Limited entry and exit to Riyadh, Makkah, Medina and Jeddah has been ensured. Some neighbourhoods in Makkah and Medina were already under full lock down, but in the rest of those cities the curfew was previously from 3 pm to 6 am.

What is happening in the other Gulf States?

Most of the countries in the GCC are targeting the neighbourhoods with low-wage foreign workers with lock downs.

While Kuwait is considering sealing off some of the areas, Qatar has extended the lock down to the Industrial Area. In UAE, Dubai has sealed off Al Ras – area known for its gold and spice souqs (markets) and where many migrant workers reside. Furthermore, Oman has shut off Muttrah, where one of the oldest markets in the whole of sultanate is located.

Bahrain announced 66 new cases in the industrial area of Salmabad as of April 3. Their health ministry reported, “the expat labourers had been under precautionary quarantine in their residence and yesterday were placed in a dedicated quarantine facility and there is no outbreak among labourers.”


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